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Working from Home? What Outsourcing Can Do for Your Business

Did you know that the majority of startups and small businesses are based at home? Home-based businesses give owners a flexible option to run their business on their own time while saving money on overhead costs. Today, many businesses can be run with a “virtual office” enabling workers to use technology to meet with vendors, employees, and customers without a physical location.

Without a central office location, warehouse space, or full-time employees, many home-based business owners rely on outsourcing services to complete tasks such as assembly work, order fulfillment, and inventory management. If you’re a small business owner who works from home or has limited space, here are three great reasons to start outsourcing business services today.

Save on rental costs

Renting an office building or warehouse space can quickly become expensive for small business owners. However, if you’re planning on running your small business from home, you will need to consider if your space is large enough to accommodate the assembly, inventory management, and packaging needs for your business. As your business grows, look for an outsourcing company that offers assembly, packaging, and shipping services as well as warehouse space for your inventory.

Avoid hiring extra staff

Maintaining a small staff is key to saving both time and money for your small business. By outsourcing certain tasks to a third-party company, you can avoid the cycle of hiring and training new workers. With a large and experienced workforce, an outsourcing company can help your business complete projects of any size.

Create a more efficient operations strategy

Finally, outsourcing tasks like assembly, packaging, and shipping to a third-party company can ultimately streamline your business’s operations. With a faster, more efficient process for assembling products and fulfilling orders, you can provide the best service possible to your valued customers.

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing for your small business, contact the experts at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. For over a century, we’ve been helping businesses like yours save time and money on tasks like assembly, kitting, packaging, and shipping. To learn more and receive a free tour of our facilities, contact us today.