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Communication and Flexibility: Why 2 Local Companies Turn To Goodwill Industrial Services

When it comes to outsourcing services for your business, you may think you have to sacrifice quality for efficiency. This isn’t always the case. Two local companies reached out to Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries for completely different services. Yet, as you can read in their testimonials below, they were both impressed by Goodwill’s commitment to quality and efficiency.

Byer Steel

Byer Steel is a multi-generational family business based in Cincinnati, Ohio that recycles metals, manufactures rebar, and distributes structural steel. They sell rebar in stock lengths as well as pre-cut and pre-bundled rebar for smaller projects.

Donald J. Bosse, Sales Manager at Byer Steel, received a customer request in 2015 for a large amount of pre-cut rebar with special bundling and packaging requirements. He reached out to Goodwill Industrial Services because he had heard about their ability to help local companies with assembly, kitting, packaging and other fulfillment tasks.

“We were able to make an agreement on pricing and the timeline,” Bosse said. “We precut the bar here, we shipped it up to Goodwill Industries, their people then counted it, packaged it, placed it on skids and wrapped it up for us. They had it ready for shipment and it all worked really well.”

Bosse was also impressed with the professionalism of Goodwill’s team. “The rep that came and talked to us made a good impression on me as far as what Goodwill could do,” Bosse said. “He really convinced me that Goodwill had the ability to do what we needed done. Pricing was right where we needed it to be. There was really good communication initially, and that gave me a real good feel for working with Goodwill Industries.”

Performance Plastics

Another local company, Performance Plastics, has utilized Goodwill’s services for over ten years. Goodwill works with Performance Plastics to help sort, trim, sand, and assemble parts for plastic injection molding.

Peggy Delany of Performance Plastics, says that Goodwill is “a very reliable source to turn to when we need additional labor to complete our time sensitive projects. They are flexible in working on several projects at the same time for us, or by having many people work on one project to get it turned around in a hurry.”

Delany also says Performance Plastics supports Goodwill’s mission in working with people with disabilities. By outsourcing to Goodwill, the company has allowed its employees to save time and focus more on their core business needs.

When asked if she would recommend Goodwill’s services to other companies hoping to outsource, Delany said, “Goodwill has been very helpful in our success and I would encourage you to utilize their services.”

Whether your business needs help with fulfillment, packaging, kitting, assembly, shipping, or a little bit of everything, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services is here to help. We have 101 years of experience handling jobs – large or small –for businesses just like yours. Contact us for a free tour of our facilities and to learn more about our services.