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What’s Driving Innovation in Product Assembly?

Product assembly has come a long way since Henry Ford’s world-famous invention of the first moving assembly line. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their company’s operational efficiency and performance. As a result, several strategies and solutions have emerged to meet the needs of today’s companies. The following are some of the top trends driving innovation in product assembly.

Environmentally friendly materials

A growing trend in manufacturing is using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices throughout the entire assembly and production process. More and more manufacturers are “going green” by using recyclable plastics, resins, and eco-friendly packaging materials, as well as promoting in-house recycling initiatives. In many cases, switching to a more eco-friendly production strategy can help manufacturers lower costs and reduce their company’s carbon footprint. 

Improved communication

When it comes to streamlining product assembly and order fulfillment process, effective communication is key. Today’s companies are taking advantage of software programs to eliminate excess paperwork and improve communication during manufacturing and fulfillment. Maintaining effective communication with customers throughout the order fulfillment process also helps to create a better customer experience.

3D printing

In recent years, 3D printing has become a cost-effective way to support traditional product assembly. For example, manufacturers can use custom 3D printed tools help assemble specialized products and assist with quality control. Best of all, 3D printed materials help reduce waste and can be printed on-demand for custom projects.

Utilizing human intelligence over robotics

While automated robotic technology has certainly evolved the traditional assembly process, more and more manufacturers are using human intelligence to speed up production and eliminate errors. Many business owners find that manufacturing driven by human intelligence is a more productive, efficient way to meet deadlines.

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