What’s the best way to mail a package?

What is the best way to send a package through the mail? If you aren’t a team member of Goodwill’s top-notch packaging service in Cincinnati, then you have likely wondered this before. The post office is a jungle of policies and products and it can be difficult to know how to protect your valuable packages. Here are a few tips from our experienced packaging pros! These tips are mostly for individuals looking to mail a package. If you are a business looking for more information about outsourced packaging or fulfillment options, contact our industrial services team.

Protect the Parcel

We’ll be honest with you, prospective poster, mail isn’t first class travel. Packages get bumped, jostled and even dropped on their way to a destination. It isn’t pretty, but it is efficient. Long time packaging pros, like our team, have learned to deal with the perils of postage. We recommend getting a box that’s larger than your item and padding it with something soft to keep it safe. Packaging peanuts have long been the go-to for this. However, inflatable packaging can be lighter and produces less waste without sacrificing crush-protection.

Select the Service

Most shipping companies offer multiple service levels. These may vary by speed or handling procedure. Most firms also offer some form of insurance for packages. The best way to determine which type of shipping is right for you is by talking to representatives when you mail your package. However, you can also find information online. The United States Postal Service offers a helpful guide to their offerings here.

That’s it! Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on the path to shipping superstardom!