What Small Business Owners Don’t Know About Packaging

small business packagingThere are a million little details that make your business successful. Did you consider that packaging is one of them? While it may seem like one of those things that doesn’t make much of an impact, the truth is that packaging costs can add up over time to save you big – or cost you far more than you should be spending.

Finding the Right Packaging

There’s no universal agreement on what the “best” packaging is. What you want to seek out is the best packaging for your unique product. Millions of dollars in shipping fees, returns, and substitutions (not to mention customer confidence) are lost every year due to product damage that happens during shipping. Just because a packaging type is cheap or popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Try out a range of packaging types with a fulfillment house or packaging wholesaler before making your order.

Order in Bulk

It can be tempting to only order the packaging supplies you need for the latest batch of orders. However, many wholesalers offer discounts based on the number of items you buy. In the long run, it will be cheaper to buy 500 mailers instead of 50. This is another reason why your initial research into product packaging is so vital. If you make a mistake, you could be stuck with a lot of inefficient or costly packaging in your office or warehouse.

 Call in the Pros

With so many packaging types to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where experts like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries come in. With over a century of business experience under our belts and a dedicated workforce available, we can help you procure the best packaging for your products – and help you get them out the door, too. Contact us for a free tour of our facilities.