What Packaging Tells Consumers About Your Business

advanced packaging solutionsIs your product packaging conveying to the right impression of your company to consumers? The packaging of your product – inside and out – has a lot to say about what your company values. Apple knows this better than most, and has invested a tremendous amount of research and development dollars into product packaging, including the box that its products are shipped in.

The advent of the “unboxing” video now hosted by consumers on video platforms like Youtube has also played a role in uplifting the importance of the formerly lowly packaging material. Today customers want to know that the companies they do business with are not only stylish and reliable but business-savvy and eco-friendly.

What does your packaging say about your company?

  • Big, mostly empty boxes overstuffed with packing materials. If you are packaging your items using too much packing material and putting items into large boxes when a smaller one will do, you may be conveying an unintended message to your customers. Wasteful packaging signals a disorganized, wasteful company that isn’t so great at planning.
  • Nonbreakable items wrapped in multiple layers of tape and bubble wrap. While it’s important to protect your items in transit, customers can become frustrated on the other end if the item is difficult or time-consuming to unwrap. Those negative feelings could impact how they feel about the end product – and your brand. Ensure you’re using just the right amount of packaging for your product – no more, no less.
  • Clear, professional labeling versus handwritten or confusing directions on the box. When you send out a package that contains your product, you should ensure that the outside of your packaging presents just as much of a professional veneer as the product itself. Invest in professional labeling and boxes with pre-printed or carefully stamped directions (such as “fragile” or “this side up”) to give a positive presentation.

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