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What are the Benefits of an Assembly Service?

Outsourcing is a tactic used by large businesses for years to save time and money. But did you know that even smaller businesses benefit from outsourcing tasks like assembly, kitting, and packaging? Here are three key ways small businesses benefit from outsourcing assembly projects:

Save valuable time

As a small business owner, time is one of your most valued resources. The process of interviewing, hiring, and training new staff members can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, through outsourcing, your business has access to a large professional workforce that can handle orders and assembly projects of any size, without requiring extra training or management.

Reduce overhead costs

Outsourcing assembly work can also help your business save on overhead costs. Renting a large warehouse space can be expensive, especially if you are renting more space than you can fill. With outsourcing, your business can benefit from warehouse storage and inventory management, helping you keep your business on track at a reasonable price.

Grow your business

As your small business starts to grow, look to an assembly service to help your business meet the demands of your customers. At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, our Industrial Services Division has over 100 years of experience helping businesses grow with our assembly, industrial packaging, and fulfillment services. Whether you need help with large volume orders or complex projects, you can rest assured that the dedicated workforce at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can handle your assembly needs. If you’re interested in implementing assembly services for your business, contact us today to receive a free tour of our facilities.