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5 Ways Business Owners Can Support the Community this Giving Season

As Thanksgiving draws near, now is a perfect time
for business owners to consider how they can give back to their local
communities. Supporting the community is one of the best ways to promote your
business and spread the word about the services or products you offer. Not only
will customers take notice, but other area organizations will be more willing
to back your business when they know they have your support, too.

take a look at five great ways businesses can support their community during
the season of giving:

supplies and goods

Hosting a donation drive—whether it’s for food,
clothing, toiletries, or other supplies—is a simple and easy way to make a
difference in your community this holiday season. Before the cold winter
weather sets in, many organizations will be seeking donated supplies and goods.
Choose a cause that’s important to you and get your staff members together to
collect donations. If your business makes products that can be donated, even


Recruit your team to participate in a volunteer
day (or a few hours) out in the community. You could serve meals at a soup
kitchen, sort donations, or participate in a pre-organized event. Get out and
give back; it will give you a break from daily business operations and help to
boost your staff’s morale.

Give back
in time and talent

If a donation of money or product isn’t in your
small business budget, consider lending your time and talent instead. As an
established business owner, you have a unique set of skills that can help
others, especially students and budding entrepreneurs. Share your time, talent,
and experiences with others by hosting a continuing education workshop or

other small businesses

Just as a rising tide lifts all ships, small
business owners who look out for one another will benefit the entire community!
Be a good neighbor to the other small businesses in your area by promoting
their services or products whenever you can. Recommend the spots you enjoy
frequenting to customers or on social media. You can also look for opportunities
to collaborate with fellow small business owners on charitable projects, such
as donation drives or volunteer trips.

with local non-profit organizations

Joining forces with a local non-profit
organization can be a powerful opportunity to improve your business and impact
your community. For example, at Ohio Valley Goodwill, our Industrial Services
Division was developed to provide business owners in Cincinnati, Northern
Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana with affordable and effective outsourcing services.
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experienced workforce is dedicated to helping your business improve processes
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Most importantly, the businesses that outsource
with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division become a part of our
social mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals
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