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Use Your Business to Make a Difference

Getting involved with a non-profit organization is one of the best
things you can do for your business. Not only does it feel good to give back,
but it also creates a positive, visible reputation for your business, giving
you a leg-up over the competition. Research has also revealed that companies that support non-profits have
a ripple effect on other businesses in the community, leading to even more good

how your business can make a lasting difference? Here are a few ideas:

Donate your competencies

business has skills it can offer free to non-profits and charities. Non-profits
often need help with marketing, IT, HR, and business strategy and processes.
Does your business provide creative services? Help a non-profit promote their
next fundraiser. Is your company a master of lean manufacturing? Mentor a
charitable organization on how to run more efficiently. Make a list of the
technical, artistic, organizational, and communication skills your company can
share. Then, pay it forward!

Donate your product

can partner with a local non-profit by sponsoring an event to bring people
together and raise money and awareness. No budget for prizes, raffles or
giveaways? Think about what your company makes or uses in its supply chain that
could make interesting prizes.

cosmetics manufacturer can give gift baskets of women’s and men’s toiletries. The best car wash
in town donates a year’s worth of free premium wash upgrades. You might enlist
other local businesses to collaborate on the event and donate prizes along with
you. With some creativity, your business can make a difference without breaking
the bank.

Donate your time

a culture of volunteerism within your organization starts at the top. Dedicate
certain days for company leaders and employees to take part in group charity
activities. Some businesses even give extra days of personal time off for
employees to devote to community service projects.

as a team creates deeper relationships among staff and company leadership.
These activities produce better communication and a more collaborative work
ethic at your place of business.

Become a part of their mission

responsibility is becoming more and more a factor in business success. A recent
survey found that nearly nine out of 10 consumers will be more loyal to companies that have a mission and support a meaningful cause.

Ohio Valley Goodwill, our non-profit
strengthens the
greater Cincinnati area by helping people obtain skills training and meaningful
work. Goodwill gives people in need a hand up, not just a handout.

Industrial Services Division provides local companies with a unique way to
support the Goodwill mission and improve their business at the same time. We’re
proud to offer assembly and kitting, fulfillment, and packaging services
through our innovative B2B outsourcing services.

with Goodwill not only furthers our mission, but it’s also a smart business
move. Some of the top brands in the regions have cut costs and become more
efficient with outsourcing from Goodwill.

your business become more successful and make a lasting difference in our
community. Check
us out
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