Ultimate Assembly Services: Tesla

Ohio Valley Goodwill is the expert source for Cincinnati firms looking to outsource assembly, so we love it when companies push our field forward. Our Ultimate Assembly Services series looks at some of the biggest and coolest assembly operations in the world.

This week, we are checking out Tesla Motors proposed “GigaFactory.” The electric car maker’s new facility, scheduled to open in 2020, will produce more lithium ion battery packs in a single location than were produced worldwide in 2013. Here are some other facts that make Tesla’s new assembly facility worthy of the title “GigaFactory.”

  • The GigaFactory will encompass 10,000,000 square-feet.

  • The site will feature solar and wind energy generation to further offset the environmental impact of Tesla’s zero-emission electric vehicles

  • The factory will reduce the price of Tesla’s innovative battery packs by 30% per Kw/hr

  • The factory will generate more than 6,000 US jobs

Tesla’s GigaFactory is a marvel of assembly, and one that truly deserves its massive moniker. Of course, it will only be producing batteries. If you are looking for an assembly service to outsource your assembly needs, you should look to Ohio Valley Goodwill. Our assembly team has been helping Cincinnati businesses for years. Click here to contact a member of our Industrial Services team for more information.