Ultimate Assembly Services: The Rubik’s Cube

Goodwill’s Cincinnati teams specialize in assembly services. The ability to work together and build something meaningful is high on our list. Our outsourcing solutions for assembly services make us very talkative on this topic. And we’re glad to recognize the best of the best. Simply put, we love a good tale that involves assembly. Enter one Erno Rubik…
Yes, the same chap who gave us all the Rubik’s cube. That little confounding square of brightly-colored plastic. Its checkered sides have been frustrating puzzlers for decades now.¬†Created in 1974 by Hungarian architect Mr. Rubik, the first model was a true picture of assembly: Erno cut the pieces of wood himself, bore the holes, and joined them with elastic bands.
Soon after graduating to plastic pieces, the rest, as they say, is history. The cube took the world by storm and joined pet rocks, hula hoops, and other red hot items destined for the all-time famous fad list.
Just the sight of one can bring back memories of the 1980s in all of its neon-drenched glory. By the way, did you ever peel off the stickers only to re-apply them in a different location? Well, the video clips below will make you feel REALLY guilty.
Whether you solved one or not, it’s still impressive to watch when someone does. But this gets super special when the degree of difficulty is amped up. Let’s admire some who have truly mastered this art by mixing in hard-to-imagine skills.
Here we have a guy solving three of them. In less than 6 minutes. While juggling:
Jealous yet? How about these experts who can solve their cubes in about 30 seconds… while blindfolded:
Three at a time? In about a minute? While underwater? Right this way:
If you aren’t too discouraged after those impressive displays, take heart. There are numerous tutorials online that can have you twisting and spinning your way to solid sides of red, green, orange, white, yellow, and blue. Embrace your inner child and give this specialized method of assembly a shot.