Service, Quality, and Professionalism: Why J&M Marketing Chooses Goodwill Industrial Services

packaging solutionsJ&M Marketing represents a diverse group of food manufacturers in the Cincinnati area seeking to get their products into grocery and big-box stores likes Costco and Sam’s Club. J&M Marketing acts as the manufacturers’ representative to these stores, pitching products destined for store shelves under their own redesigned labels or under the store’s label.

To expand distribution into the big box stores, J&M Marketing knew they needed to create a different style of packaging for their clients’ products than they would for traditional grocery stores. Multiple units needed to be shrink-wrapped together and put into a tray that could be easily shipped and shopped right off the pallet inside the store’s warehouse.

That’s where Goodwill Industrial Services came in. About twenty years ago, Steve Byrnes, President of J&M Marketing, was looking for a contract packer in the Cincinnati area. In his conversations with area business owners, Goodwill’s name came up.

“I talked to (Goodwill),” Byrnes said, “We looked at them, as to what they could do, compared their services and costs to other people and the market, and they were cost-competitive. They’ve done a nice job, so we’ve been with them quite a while.”

For Byrnes, service and quality were the biggest deciding factors in his decision to choose Goodwill. “We wanted to make sure the product was represented the way we wanted it represented,” Byrnes said. “There needed to be attention to detail, and it had to be consistently produced the same way.”

As to his experience with Goodwill over the years, he has nothing but praise for the business he has worked with for two decades. “It’s been great,” he says. “They’re on top of things. They monitor the job closely. It’s done professionally. It looks good at the store level. It’s been terrific.”

Additionally, he believes other business owners would benefit from Goodwill’s services “Because of the thoroughness of the way they approach things, the attention to detail,” he says. “Todd, our business manager, is on top of things from start to finish. They just do a very good job from A to Z.”

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