Tough stuff: The laptop that fell to Earth

What can a laptop computer, an airplane ride, a hurtling-toward-the-ground satchel, and a happy reunion teach us about assembly? It can teach us that it’s good to have stuff snuggly and expertly assembled. We aim to excel in this area—kitting in Cincinnati is a specialty—and our ace teams are great at assembly services. Simply put, we love a great assembly story.

Yes, we are fans of anything in the assembly chain that is well made, well put-together, and well-intentioned. That’s why a recent news article caught our eye involving a laptop computer that was accidentally chucked out of a moving airplane, fell to the ground, and survived the impact. To be sure, this device underwent some premium assembly to survive a ride like that.
To the details:
A gentleman was flying over beautiful South Africa when his bag mistakenly fell out of the airplane at a height of 1,000 feet.
Hurtling toward the ground, it landed with a thud and was collected by a farm worker. Searching for identification, he pieced together clues (pretty good assembly skills here, as well, mind you), and the bag’s owner was notified. After a reunion, amazingly, the laptop computer turned back on. There was a bend, and the trackpad was knocked out of place, but it still worked. Now THAT is some sturdy assembly.
We salute the craftsmanship and well-put-together assembly that enables any laptop to continue after a skydive.
Happily, the assembly services we rock out for Cincinnati-area business do not involve harrowing escapes. Just good old-fashioned logistical excellence. If you’re considering outsourcing your assembly services, we should talk. Ohio Valley Goodwill is ready to help out. Our experts can help set up an outsource partnership and handle your assembly needs. Freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. Get in touch and let’s start talking.