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5 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring the Right Employees

good employees is becoming more challenging as unemployment rates continue to
fall. As difficult as it may be, you still need to find quality people to help
you grow your business. Of course, you want them to be able to handle the
functional skills the position requires. But there are other, more subtle
traits that can be the difference in the success of your new hires.

are important personality traits some hiring managers advise you to look for
during the recruitment process.

Teamwork makes the dream work

business today, rarely is work accomplished by just one person. Success
requires several employees, sharing ideas and working together on a project, to
get the best results.

for people who can get along with others. Group interviews can help you
determine if your candidate is a team player. Can they answer questions and
keep up the conversation? Are they engaging and making eye contact with
everyone in the group?

Integrity is a virtue that never goes
out of style

line, you have to be able to trust your employees. Lying, stealing, taking
credit for others’ work—it all serves to unravel trust and undermine your operations.

Check references and use resources such as LinkedIn to find connections that have interacted with your candidate. Double-check resume facts, ask for specific examples of past accomplishments, and in general, be on the lookout for signs of integrity and honesty during the hiring process.

The little train that keeps going

ideas and challenges come up all the time in a small business, and you need
employees who want to tackle them. A persistent person keeps looking for
solutions until the problem is solved.

candidates about challenges they’ve had in past positions and what they did to
resolve them. Listen for how they adjusted and adapted in order to achieve a
successful outcome.

Enthusiasm can’t be overrated

who bring enthusiasm to the job are engaged with the work and with the success
of the company. Conversely, people who are “checked out” aren’t likely to
suggest improvements or take on new assignments.

who express an interest in your industry, your company, the role and the
potential for advancement are expressing enthusiasm for the position and are
likely to be engaged, contributing employees.

Money can’t buy loyalty

disheartening to spend time and company resources to train new hires only to
have them “job hop” in a short period of time. An employee who is committed and
in it for the long-haul returns value back to the business.

how frequently a candidate leaves jobs. While employees today aren’t spending
years and years in their jobs as in the past, a person who has a new job every
1 to 2 years might not prioritize loyalty.

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