Three Modern Fulfillment Companies That Might Surprise You

Fulfillment PicRapid growth in e-commerce, coupled with quickly changing technology, makes it difficult for fulfillment houses to stay “modern.” Fulfillment now occurs across multiple channels, with multiple products and next-day delivery expectations. While Amazon sets the gold standard in fulfillment, there are other companies operating just as efficiently with modern technology and processes.

BRG Sports

BRG Sports, the manufacturer and distributor of Bell, Riddell and Gyro sports equipment fulfills orders from big-box retailers, small businesses and organizations from its new 813,000-square-foot facility in Illinois. Nearly 80% of its fulfillment orders are automated with state-of-the-art technology and facility design. The facility features narrow aisle storage for a small footprint, voice and ring scanning, and numerous conveyors, sortation and print systems.  Its whole system is designed to get the right orders to the right place at the right time with the least amount of transport and associate involvement.

lululemon athletica

luluemon athletica’s company mission is to lift the world into greatness.  The technical athletic apparel and yoga pants manufacturer carries that mission into the culture of its new Columbus, Ohio fulfillment center.  Speed to market is considered one of its competitive advantages.  Previously the company had a 3.72 day transit time to retailers and e-commerce customers.  That wasn’t so “great.”  So in the Columbus facility, they created a highly efficient fulfillment operation with the flexibility to meet spikes in demand.  This flexible automation has allowed luluemon athletica to improve its average transit time to less than two days.


With fulfillment centers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Asia and Australia, Shipwire guarantees that every order is shipped the same day with 100% accuracy or you will get your money back. Shipwire boasts global fulfillment capabilities.  In fact, its 430,000 square-foot facility in Sidney is the largest fulfillment warehouse in Australia.  It has impressive numbers, including 34 docks, three levels of storage and housing capacity for 30,000 pallets.

Shipwire provides fulfillment for Shopify stores via a modern technology platform that is user-friendly and does all of the logistics work for the seller.  The technology actually makes certain cost-cutting decisions for you to optimize packaging and shipping.  The service is known for growing sales, allowing sellers to break into new international markets.

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