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Three Advantages of Manual Assembly Over Machines

Business is humming at the facilities of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division and there’s a good reason why. When you outsource your assembly work to us, you’re hiring a flexible, intelligent workforce that loves their job and works tirelessly to produce quality work. Our mission is to provide jobs to individuals with disabilities, which all adds up to a huge benefit to your community.

An outsourcing service able to work at any scale

All of Goodwill’s Industrial services are performed manually by our dedicated workforce of individuals with disabilities. There is no assembly job in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Sourtheast Indiana too big or too complex for the Ohio Valley Goodwill team.

Manual assembly provides a strategic business advantage that many companies choose for a variety of reasons. Here are three of them.

  1. Better quality. While machines can be programmed to detect a set number of specific defects on large quantities, only a human can immediately spot if anything is wrong with a piece. A worker can look at an assembled part from all angles and check for any and all defects.


  1. More flexibility. Machine production can’t easily be ramped up or down. During booms, machines can’t do more than their set limit. During down times, machines waste energy. Quantity of a human workforce can ramp up or down. Regardless of the need, we can change direction at the drop of a hat.



  • Faster to market. Business needs change all the time. What was working yesterday, is outdated tomorrow. With manual assembly, production isn’t held up while a machine is re-tooled. Work also stops when a machine needs repair. Not so with people!


All that and you can save money, too

Ohio Valley Goodwill is a highly respected non-profit organization. Our bottom-line is the good we are able to create for individuals and businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, not the margins we make. That means we can offer our services at an outstanding price point.

Our assembly services have more than 100-year track record of results that can only be provided by a workforce of real people who love their jobs. That’s 100 years of hand-made excellence. Contact our business development team today and let’s get your assembly job started.

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