The Wrong Packaging Can Break the Bank

save on packagingYou may be overlooking one of the largest cost-saving opportunities in your business! While packaging might be on your list to review, often more urgent matters dominate your time and attention. It’s time to make it a priority.  Business owners who have re-evaluated their packaging and shipping operations say they have dramatically slashed costs by finding the right packaging solution. To that end, here are some key points to consider when evaluating your packaging:

Customized Packaging

Yes, sometimes the “right” packaging means “custom” packaging, but that does not equate to more expensive packaging. Electing to customize your packaging should be done when you have exhausted the standard options. Another cost-effective option is “semi-customization,” which allows your business to save money by altering stock packaging to meet your needs.

Wasted Space

You can cut huge costs by reducing the amount of wasted or “dead space” in stock boxes, which saves on using protective materials such as bubble wrap, paper, shipping peanuts, etc.  Filler can be expensive and quite labor intensive. Even reducing a box by two inches lowers the amount of fill materials needed, storage space required, and ultimately, shipping cost.

On-Demand Packaging

The sheer volume of your shipping operation shouldn’t force you down the stock packaging route.  Neither should products of varying types and sizes. “On-demand packaging” allows for boxes to be created at the point of packaging to match the exact fit of the products inside. With on-demand packaging, you’ll also realize an increase in flexibility and efficiency while reducing waste, a move your customers will appreciate. On-demand packaging is not right for every business as there is an initial investment in machinery. However, many who have tried it swear by a quick and noticeable ROI.

It’s a tricky balance to select packaging that reduces costs while ensuring the package contents are delivered to your customer in good condition. Remember though, being able to withstand the wear and tear of travel as well as elements such as rain, heat, and pests does not preclude you from utilizing a leaner packaging solution. Consulting with someone experienced in packaging solutions – such as Goodwill Industrial Services – will prove well worth the time.  Give us a call at Goodwill Industrial Service, and take a free tour of our facilities. We’re sure to find the right packaging solution for you.