The Small Business Guide to Selecting a Fulfillment Service

services-partnershipYou have finally achieved your dream of opening your own small business. Even better, business has picked up! Unfortunately, more business, tight deadlines, and limited resources mean that orders are piling up every day, with no relief in sight. This is the very definition of a situation that can be remedied by getting some outside help from a fulfillment service.

But what should you look for in a service? Who should you choose? What will it cost?

What to Look For

What makes a fulfillment service great? Experience, experience, experience. How long has the fulfillment house been in business? Do they have customer testimonials? Can they put you in touch with current customers? Also look for any potential red flags. Does the business have a good reputation in your community?

Who to Choose

Is it important to you to have a local fulfillment service? It can often be easier to work out logistics and communications issues with a local house. That said, sometimes you just want the cheapest option, and that can mean going local or even global. Just be ready to do more legwork when it comes to communication.

Understand the Logistics

Will you need to store your products somewhere? Will you be providing them to the fulfillment house, or will they need to pick them up from your warehouse? Work out all these vital logistics as part of the contract process.

Talk Numbers

What’s your budget? Be sure to talk numbers with your fulfillment house, and get everything in writing before you move forward.

Every fulfillment service is different, but at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we strive to form long-term relationships with our customers. Every customer is a small business owner just like you, so we understand your specific needs. Come take a free tour of our facilities, and find out how we can put our dedicated employees to work for you!