The Future of Fulfillment Services: Better. Faster. Cheaper.

 Future of fulfillmentImagine a small helicopter-like drone delivering a bicycle to your door a day after you order it online. Well, the race is on with companies like Amazon and Google to offer this type of same-day delivery for customers. Fulfillment services are focused on greater efficiencies and faster and faster delivery times.

From Amazon’s testing of delivery drones, we know that unmanned vehicles have the potential to change fulfillment services dramatically. Self-driving cars are also on the roads and poised for widespread rollout to consumers in the near future. Like drones, consumers could someday see these vehicles pulling up to their house with deliveries.

Inside the warehouse, outfitting employees with the latest technologies, such as wireless devices, can improve delivery times greatly. Automatic data collection technology frees employees from holding pens and pads of paper. We use Siri to text for us while we drive, so freeing up two hands instead of just one for fulfillment is a no-brainer. There are numerous applications of wireless technology, including updating inventory data verbally while employees handle others tasks.

Use of voice technology is not new to fulfillment services. However, new advancements in the technology have made services truly modern. Advancements include speech recognized in more than 70 languages, larger vocabularies, and more functional underlying software.  Employees around the world can pick products using just their voice for increased speed and accuracy. Voice recognition has also paved the way for visual recognition. Modern fulfillment operations now pick products from inventory using 3D and 2D pictures by identifying key design factors like roundness, specific packaging, or the color of products.

Technological advancements are truly taking fulfillment services to the next level by reducing shipping and handling times and costs, too. Expect the fulfillment leaders to jump on these advancements as soon as they are available to transform the customer experience.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we stay on top of advancements in fulfillment technology because fulfillment is one of the things we’re most passionate about. Our outstanding workforce is committed to fulfilling orders for small business owners with speed and accuracy. Are you looking for a fulfillment partner? Contact us for a free tour of our facilities.