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Growing Pains at the 4 Stages of Small Business Growth

consultants will tell you that every business goes through 4 stages, and every
one of them has growing pains. Business leaders who know how to plan and
strategize for each stage will continue to move the business forward.

StartupA time of new beginnings

exciting when dreams are turning into reality. New ideas, new people, wearing
multiple hats, able to move fast, extremely agile – that’s what the startup
phase is all about.

The Startup’s Growing Pains –  When growing a startup, you’ll likely
struggle to get your product and pricing right for the market. You may have a
small budget, no standard processes or operations and no brand recognition.

What you can do about it – Focus on acquiring your first
customers, getting your name out there and how you’re going to make money. That
requires a business plan, which is your roadmap for how you’re going to get
where you want to go.

Ramp-up – A time to grow

taking on more clients and cash is coming in the door. You’re able to take off
some of those hats you’ve been wearing and empower a small group of people to
come in and take some ownership. This stage is also a time of growth quickly
outpacing supply.

The Ramp-up’s Growing Pains – With demand escalating, the
few systems already in place are quickly overwhelmed. Cash flow is tight as
expenses have shot up to accommodate the growth.

What to do about it – Maintaining cash flow is
critical. Evaluate what new systems, processes and resources you need to
increase capacity rapidly. Strengthen your customer interactions so they will
remain loyal while your operations stutter a bit in the interim.

Expansion – A time to diversify

business is humming along nicely. It’s on secure financial ground. Talks are
around diversifying into new markets, enhancing the current product line and
developing new lines.

The Expansion’s Growing PainsDemands on you increase with more people and more
infrastructure to manage. Systems are inadequate, and without sharp planning
and execution, a booming business can quickly become a cash-strapped one.

What to do about it –  Hire additional help or outsource some of
your responsibilities. Focus on protecting your current market share while
gaining new. If it’s not your area of strength, get an outside accounting
service to help you keep a tight rein on your budget.

Maturity- a time to assess

you’re not so worried about cash flow and growth, but you’re sustaining a
significant infrastructure. Strong brand awareness helps you get more business
with less effort.

The Maturity’s Growing Pains– Issues with staffing,
employee motivation and less agility engross leadership. The business needs to
decide if it will adapt to stay relevant to market changes or ride it out as is.
It’s a bigger machine now that will be more expensive to keep well oiled.

What to do about it – A strong HR focus on
culture, diversity and career development keeps employees engaged and
encourages innovative thinking. 
Management needs to fight complacency with regular reviews of the entire
operation to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks.

What resources do you need along the

flexible and cost-effective so you can take your business to the next level may
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