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Why You Should Test Your Next New Idea with Local Outsourcing

As a
small business owner and successful entrepreneur, you’ve proven your ability to
create and produce a product that sells. Now, you have a new product idea, and
this one could be the next big thing! What’s your best course of action for
determining if this idea “has legs”?

option is to use your internal resources to validate the idea via prototyping
or constructing an MVP (minimal viable product). Before you take that route,
though, consider the high cost of diverting core business focus on what is,
mostly, an assumption of future success. Can your small business afford to lose
that valuable time?

For your next bright idea,
local outsourcing can be your best bet

Outsourcing your
testing will not only protect your cash flow, but it’s also likely to produce a
better outcome. Instead of having just a few internal resources to spare, with
outsourcing, you have an expanded team that is highly motivated to help you be

this team of skilled local labor augmenting your in-house staff, product
testing can be completed more rapidly so you know sooner if your idea is a
winner. In this competitive market, with hundreds of new products introduced
every day, faster is nearly always better! Partnering with a local outsourcing
company is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

‘It takes a village’ to build
a good MVP (or prototype)

Just as more focus will
move things along faster, additional insights and ideas from other experienced
people are bound to produce a better product. This outside-in thinking at an
early phase of your testing expands your horizons.

insight from outside partners opens the door to a potentially more commercially
viable product down the road. Moreover, if you’re working with an experienced
local outsourcing company, they will introduce best practices into the testing
process, which increases the likelihood of a successful product launch.

You can avoid pitfalls

Here’s a sobering
thought: there are far more poor product ideas than there are successful ones!
Put another way, there is a smaller pool of ideas that turn into products consumers
will buy. Even seemingly good ideas can fail, leaving one scratching one’s head
and wondering, “what happened?”

answer might be that it’s difficult for creators to be objective enough to see
the potential flaws in their ideas. The best way to get around this common
issue is to surround yourself with objective observers. Your local outsourcing
partners can help you gain a new perspective of your product vision. They can
spot weak spots in your designs and offer suggestions so, in the end, you will
have a stronger, more marketable product.

Stack the
deck in your favor with local outsourcing

Working with outsourcing partners to test your
next great idea can help you move faster and produce a stronger market
offering. And, it can be more cost-effective and better for the business in the
long run.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division
is an experienced local outsourcing company with the ability, resources, and
expertise to partner with you on your business expansion projects. Our large,
motivated workforce stands ready to help you bring your next big idea to life!

Best of all, your business can make a difference
in the community by partnering with our Industrial Services Division. The
companies that partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill become a part of our mission
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