Taking the Politics out of Outsourcing

Outsourcing: that’s a hot-button word these days. Bring that one up and things can get a little emotional. Outsourcing involves newspaper headlines, economics, politics, geography, livelihoods, and the impacts it can have on American workers. Politicians are quick to pounce on slogan-ready phrases like “sending American jobs overseas.”
But what if we kept those jobs right here in America?
That’s what Ohio Valley Goodwill is focusing on these days: Helping you reduce your bottom line while freeing up time. This way, you can place more focus on your business by taking these items off your to-do list. We see it as a win-win: you save time and money, AND you keep that work in the local economy.
It’s easy to see why outsourcing has gotten a bad reputation. Nobody wants to see American jobs be shipped overseas. Companies get accused of growing the bottom line at the expense of the people and communities that got them started. But, as we say, Goodwill is doing it differently. We make it possible to get the economic advantages of outsourcing (specialized labor, comparative advantage, a large workforce) without sending jobs outside the local economy. We work together to keep them right here in the Ohio Valley.
Like we say, win-win.
Our workers are experts at kitting, assembly, and fulfillment. We can knock out these tasks for you while you focus on your bottom line. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re keeping the work at home. Done by local workers for local companies. Sound good to you? Contact us and we’ll talk. We’ll be glad to discuss how our process works and how it can work for you.