Stocking These 5 Kits Will Prepare You for Anything

kits to prepare for anythingTornados. Drought. Household emergencies. Every time you turn on the TV or check Facebook these days it can seem like the world is full of impending disaster. The truth is that the world is actually less dangerous today than ever before, but the overabundance of media messages which we receive from multiple channels can overwhelm that reality.

So, just to give you peace of mind, here are the top five kits you should stock at your residence or place of business that will ensure you’re prepared for anything!

  1. Tool Kit: Whether you live in an apartment or a grand estate, a tool kit is a necessity for modern life – and perfect for repairing potential disasters, from loose floorboards that cause slips and falls to minor damage from wild weather. Hammer, screw driver, pliers, nails, screws, and measuring tape are a good start.
  2. First Aid Kit: Where would we be without our first aid kit? In a whole load of trouble. Consider stocking your kit with more than just Band-Aids and peroxide. Burn salve, Quickclot, a suture kit, antibiotic ointments, pain relievers, and wound stapler will ensure you’re prepared for… just about anything. If you take regular medication, it might be a good idea to ensure that you have some of that stocked up, too.
  3. Disaster Kit: A disaster kit may include both a first aid kit and a tool kit. This kit should give you everything you need to endure for several weeks in the event of a disaster that knocks out power and/or water to your home. Bottled water, flashlight, canned goods, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, warm clothes, and rain gear are a good place to start.
  4. Household Kit: Household disasters can be just as agonizing as those that are more far-reaching, especially during holidays, inclement weather, or when everyone in the house is feeling under the weather. Being stuck in the house means you won’t be able to pop out for items such as stain remover, duct tape, W-D 40, and basic cleaning supplies to keep the place sanitary (especially important if there’s illness in the house).
  5. Sewing Kit: Few consider just how useful a sewing kit can be, especially during a disaster where you may be cut off from regular stores and supply lines for some time. With a sewing kit you can repair socks, re-attach buttons, repair many types of backpacks and supply bags, and much more. You don’t realize just how much wear items endure until it’s difficult to just pop by the store and pick up a new one.

Do you have or manufacture kits like this to ensure you’re ready for anything? At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we understand the importance of these kits because we’ve been assembling kits like this for decades. If you are a small business owner in the kitting business, or want to get into it yourself, come take a free tour of our facilities.