When you need dependable, temporary labor for quick turnaround or to increase your production capacity on a project, Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division can help. Goodwill additionally offers Supply Chain and Warehousing Management services to support your needs and requirements.

Contracting with Goodwill is not only the process of outsourcing, but it is a partnership as well. We provide local contract labor to service the Tri-state area and train them specifically to your project to support your business. When you outsource to Goodwill’s B2B Services, you can concentrate on your core competencies and streamline your operations. Learn more about our specific services below.


Assembly Services
Firms looking for an assembly service in Cincinnati will find that Ohio Valley Goodwill is the most efficient and economical choice for any job. We have been in business for nearly 100 years, a testament to our successful approach to partnerships with the Greater Cincinnati business community and th...
Kitting Services
Firm’s looking to find an outsourcing partner for kitting services in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana turn to Ohio Valley Goodwill because our Industrial Services division gives businesses access to a kitting operation of unparalleled scale and accuracy.
Fulfillment Services
Ohio Valley Goodwill has unparalleled experience providing fulfillment services in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. While our reputation in the retail space is well-known, few individuals stop to consider the massive scale of the logistics operation that underlies our successful ...
Packaging Service
Goodwill provides business owners with benefits that no other packaging company in Cincinnati can boast. Our teams are more dedicated, pay greater attention to detail and benefit directly from almost a century of experience that Goodwill brings to every task.
Janitorial Services
Our custodial services and janitorial teams are trained to keep your facilities spotless while providing you and your employees an environment which enables and supports them to be as prosperous as possible. Goodwill offers a full range of janitorial services from emptying trash and recycling contai...
Partnership & Business Development
Goodwill Industries has partnered with multiple companies and in various industries. We have ongoing relationships with companies in the automotive, grocery, plastics, advertising, banking, printing, mold injection and manufacturing sectors.
Total Facilities Management Services
Ohio Valley Goodwill provides TFM services to area companies. Through its well trained and experienced staff and management team, Goodwill provides solutions to support and enable your facilities to reach optimum production and operational capacity. Some of the numerous services Goodwill offers incl...