A Service That Will Make You Proud to Outsource

What do you feel when you think about outsourcing labor from your business? Most people associate outsourcing with hurting the American workforce. That isn’t always true however. Ohio Valley Goodwill is an outsourcing service in Cincinnati that can make you proud to outsource your packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillment.

Why would you be proud to outsource? Because our Industrial Services Division creates jobs for individuals right here in Cincinnati. Moreover, our workers really appreciate the opportunity for meaningful employment. We provide jobs to individuals with disabilities; the labor you outsource to Ohio Valley Goodwill gives these well-qualified individuals the chance to contribute to their communities and earn valuable income.

So, while other outsourcing services may keep you up at night, Ohio Valley Goodwill can let you sleep soundly as you outsource your packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillment. If you are interested in learning more about this rare chance to make an impact on your community and your bottom line, call the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services division today.