Save Time and Money with Kitting Services

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your business? What about cutting costs? Most small business owners would say, “Absolutely!” Kitting services are one way small business owners can do both. But what is kitting, and how can it help your business?

Kitting has been around for a long time. By organizing similar items or items that are commonly used together into ready-ship packages, manufacturers can save valuable time and money on both assembly and labor costs. This also means that customers complete the assembly of the kit into the final product.

What are some companies that use kits? Examples include successful companies like Ikea, which flat packs furniture into easy-to-handle packages that customers then assemble at home. Other kits can be a little more fun to assemble, like pinewood derby kits or Legos. By thinking outside of the box, companies that use kitting are able to save a great deal of time and money on their assembly labor and customers can enjoy assembling the products on their own.

Kitting services also save time and cut costs on shipping. Instead of paying to ship a large, bulky pre-assembled product, businesses that use kitting services can ship much smaller, compact packages that each weigh the same amount. With this amount of accuracy and consistency, you can streamline your business operations and get more orders out the door to your customers.

Outsourcing your kitting services to an organization like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries means that you can expect your products to be kitted quickly and with accuracy by a dedicated and motivated workforce. We have over a century of experience providing kitting services in Cincinnati and surrounding areas to businesses like yours. Best of all, when you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, your partnership helps support our greater mission of providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

If you’re ready to improve the efficiency of your business and start saving money on labor and shipping costs, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. Our dedicated workforce is standing by to handle your business needs with professionalism and quality. For more information about our kitting services in Cincinnati, contact our experts to arrange a free tour, discuss our services, and receive a free quote.