Save Big By Outsourcing Assembly Work


Are you looking for innovative ways to cut costs and save valuable time for your small business? A growing number of businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana are outsourcing assembly work to Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services Division. Here are some of the ways our Cincinnati assembly services can help your business save.

Increase productivity by outsourcing assembly work

When you outsource assembly services to a trusted third party like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, you can free up time for you and your employees to focus on more complex projects and refine the core competencies of your business. This increase in productivity can also increase your business’s turnaround time for orders, providing a better overall experience for your valuable customers.

Reduce labor expenses

By delegating assembly tasks to an outsourcing company like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, business owners no longer have to take the time and money to hire and train extra staff. Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries provides meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities in the Greater Cincinnati area. Therefore, working with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries not only helps your business’s bottom line, but it can make a larger impact for the people in your community.

Save on rental costs

Is your business still assembling products in-house and quickly running out of space? Avoid spending extra on a larger office space by outsourcing assembly services to a third-party. Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has the space your business needs for warehousing, assembly work, packaging, and shipping. For over 100 years, we’ve worked with nearby businesses to provide the space, flexibility, and labor needed to help companies save valuable time and money.

If you’re interested in learning more about our quality Cincinnati assembly services, we welcome you to contact us today for a free tour of our facilities.