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Sail Past Your Competitors with Superior Packaging

Selling against larger companies can sometimes seem
overwhelming. These corporations often have big budgets, sophisticated systems,
aggressive sales and marketing, mass distribution, and thousands of customers.
How can small companies measure up and stand out?

You might be surprised to learn that small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by increasing their focus on one essential, but immensely differentiating detail: product packaging.

Product packaging is important, but it’s often an afterthought
or an expense to be minimized. However, creative and thoughtful packaging has
taken on heightened importance in recent years. Superior packaging can be what
separates your product from the rest of the pack.

Back in the day, businesses might have been able to get away
with generic, un-interesting product packaging. In today’s digital age, not
only does packaging represent your brand, but it also has to be picture-perfect,
thanks to the “unboxing” experience.

Unboxing influences
buying decisions

Search the internet for “unboxing” and you’ll find thousands of
videos that show someone deconstructing a product’s packaging, one element at a
time. Unboxing videos are augmented with lots of flattering (or
not-so-positive) editorial commentary about the packaging along the way.
Thousands and thousands of viewers watch unboxing videos each day!

Superior packaging can increase the psychological attraction of
your product and convey that your product is of higher quality and offers more
value than your competitor. A 2016 packaging study found that 61%
of consumers feel that premium packaging makes a product more valuable.

Clearly, packaging is one area where your creativity and
attention to detail can create a competitive advantage over bigger companies.

Ready to get started designing or revamping your packaging
strategy? The first question you might ask is, “Where do I start”?

Be true to your brand

When you think of your product packaging as an extension of your
brand, it makes it easier to design the elements that will carry it through.
You should already have a color palette, fonts, and a logo. Importantly, you
have an established brand personality. All of the aspects of your brand should
be reflected in your packaging design choices.

Be true to your customer

well you know your target market will influence how impactful your package
design will be. Understanding what products they buy, and more to the point,
why they’re buying them from you, is critical. Some customer attributes to
consider include:

●  What is the age
range of your key audience? For example, do your customers represent an older
demographic? They may appreciate more traditional elements, larger fonts,
subtle colors, and easy-to-open packages.

●  Are your customers
younger? A millennial audience might value sustainable materials, limited
waste, and trendy designs that will stand out on when shared on social media

●  If you offer a
luxury item, customers will expect an elevated level of extravagance in their
packaging. Premium materials, elegant fonts, and customization will appeal to
this audience.

Map it out

You’re keyed into your brand and focused on your target
audience. Now you’re ready to make your superior packaging a reality. Before
you get too carried away with your vision, however, make sure the practical
aspects of your packaging are covered.

Think about these questions:

How durable is
Items arriving damaged are the fastest way to damage the
relationship with your customer. If there are fragile items, you’ll want to be
sure they are properly protected in the package or even shipped separately, if

How functional
is it?
Your packaging should be easy to open, and if it contains
multiple parts, those should also be easily accessible. The most effective way
to audit function is to test with actual users before making final decisions.

How will it
 Personal touches, like
handwritten notes, custom sampling, extra branded pieces, or wrapping with an
attractive bow, are sure to be appreciated. As your production increases,
however, these small touches can become be time-consuming and pricey. Consider
what will work in the long-run.

economically will it ship?
The bigger the package, the more it will cost
to ship. Weight and unusual sizes also affect the cost, but size is the major
contributor. Re-evaluate your package design if the shipping expense is too
high. You may decide that investing in a higher-cost yet more space-efficient
packaging lowers your overall fulfillment costs.

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