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5 Smart Reasons to Use Direct Mail Kits in Your Marketing

Direct mail is a traditional marketing strategy that’s been used to reach individuals and households for decades. Despite the rising popularity of email and social media marketing, direct mail is still considered an effective way to contact customers and generate new business. Here are five smart reasons to include direct mail kits in your marketing mix:

Direct mail is highly personal

According to a recent direct marketing survey, 70% of Americans believe that mail is more personal than the Internet. This is because direct mail enables marketers to create highly personalized letters, postcards, or packages using messages that are targeted for a specific audience. By using customized pieces, marketers can create more meaningful, long-lasting connections with customers.

Direct mail is tangible

The experience of receiving, opening, and reading mail materials is also far more tangible than email marketing. Because direct mail engages the sense of touch, it is more likely to be opened and read by the intended audience, whereas emails can be easily overlooked and even deleted with the press of a button.

Direct mail stands out

In today’s digital world, people receive hundreds of messages and advertisements on their screens each day. Because the digital landscape is so cluttered, it’s easy for email communication to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, direct mailing kits provide more opportunities for firms to get noticed. Many people look forward to opening their mailboxes each day and receiving creative, colorful, and personalized mail can leave a lasting impression on current or future customers.

Direct mail has a long “shelf life”

Unlike an email message or digital advertisements, direct mailing typically stays in a household after it is received. In some cases, direct mail is viewed by multiple people in the same household, leading to better engagement from a single mail piece.

Direct mail kits provide more information

While emails and social media advertisements are limited in the number of words and images they can use to capture customers’ attention, direct mailing kits provide opportunities for businesses to communicate a greater amount of information at once. For example, a direct mail kit can include things like letters, flyers, brochures, free product samples, business cards, and even a CD or flash drive with a video or slideshow of the company’s product or services. With the ability to send more information and materials to potential or current customers, there’s no limit to the interesting, engaging, and fun items you can include in a direct mail kit.

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