Price, Proximity and Efficiency: Why Hahn Promotions Chooses Goodwill Industrial Services

Hahn Promotions is a promotional product distributor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Owned by Matthew Hahn, the company supplies businesses great and small with promotional items from over 3,000 supplies. Through the power of exceptional promotional products, the company helps businesses create brand awareness and boost ROI to leave a lasting impression with customers.

According to Hahn, the company was founded three years ago when he decided to go into business for himself. As a small business owner with limited staffing options, he often found himself in need of extra hands when he had big orders to fulfill. His relationship with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services began at his prior company, which also relied on Goodwill’s fast, professional fulfillment and packaging services to complete customer orders.HAHN_LOGO2015

“We have clients throughout the United States,” Hahn says of his company. “Top Fortune 500 clients, small mom-and-pop restaurants and businesses.” Whether large or small, all of those clients expect a high level of service from his company. One of the projects he uses Goodwill for is the picking, packaging, and fulfillment of T-shirt orders for one of his retail customers. The Goodwill Industrial Services division accepts all of the T-shirt orders from the screen printer, then sorts them, packs them, and ships them to stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Hahn chose Goodwill for this project due to his positive experiences with them at his prior company. “There are other companies that do the same thing that Goodwill could’ve offered me,” he said, “however I wanted to give back, personally, to the community. I’ve seen a lot of commercials on TV, the radio, and I know some of the personalities that represent Goodwill. I thought it was a good way for me to give back. And it was also something I could go ahead and present to my customer. Like, not only are you dealing with someone you like – me and my company – but you’re also giving back because I am taking this order to an organization like Goodwill who is actually fulfilling everything you need done for this order.”

When asked if he would recommend Goodwill’s services to other small business owners, Hahn said, “Oh, yes. In a heartbeat. They’ve done great work for me. They’re good to work with. My contact there, Todd Schreiber, has been nothing but the best. He’s always on top of everything. So I would definitely recommend them to anybody.”

In fact, Hahn’s wife, Paula Hahn, has used Goodwill’s Industrial Services division to fulfill projects for her business, EcoPak Bags and Gift Packaging, as well. She had her client’s materials shipped to Goodwill’s packing facility where they were sorted, packed, and individually shipped out to doctors’ offices across the country. “They’ve been very successful for her business,” Hahn said.

Hahn praised the efficiency, pricing, and proximity of Goodwill’s services as among the reasons he continues to work with the service and why he would recommend them to others. “Goodwill is pretty close to where I work,” Hahn said. “So I can get in a car, drive over there, and not have to take half a day to travel to the other side of town and all that. I can just go over, five minutes, check on everything, and then come back. And the campus is really easy to get in and out of. So that was a bonus for me. I know exactly where all my stuff is.”

Additionally, Hahn said, “You’re also helping the community, you’re giving back to an organization that is allowing, maybe some of the less fortunate people (who don’t have the) opportunity to go get a job at a big company, but they can still go to work. You’re allowing them to get those skills.”

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