Performance Plastics Praises Price, Quality, of Goodwill Industrial Services

PPL_LogoPerformance Plastics Ltd. is an injection-mold company founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1982. The company specializes in highly engineered plastics utilized across a range of industries. They have deep experience in the field, and have been involved with cutting-edge development work for advanced compounds such as liquid crystal polymer. They focus on non-commodity-based products, especially high-temperature plastic resins. Many of the methods they have developed are performed nowhere else. In fact, there are several modern-day plastic molding techniques now used around the world that were invented in-house. Much of the work at Performance Plastics today is automated, ensuring the plant’s efficiency and high performance. However, there are still some jobs that require a human touch.

Daniel King is a Production Control Manager for Performance Plastics, in charge of all of the purchasing, shipping, raw materials, and production scheduling for the business. To help his company meet demand, he works closely with Goodwill Industrial Services to fill positions on an as-needed and per-project basis.

“We do a few different projects with them,” King said. “One of the big ones we have them doing is a project for a medical customer. We have a part that we mold, and it gets put into different packaging types. The part has to be stacked in a nice organized manner and put into a box. They take the part, visually check it out as they’re going along, then bag it up and get that on to the customer or hold it in our inventory before sending it to the customer.”

Additionally, Goodwill Industrial Services provides assembly and packaging services for biopsy kits manufactured at the company.  All of this type of work is done inside the facility at Performance Plastics with a company representative on hand to do quality checks. Other types of work, such as cardboard taping, packaging, and simpler assembly projects, are completed at Goodwill’s facilities.

When asked why Performance Plastics chose to partner with Goodwill for these projects, King said, “Beyond getting behind the program itself, we are just trying to help some people that are in need. I think it’s a good program to help people that are in need of skills to get back into the work force. As far as recommending them to other manufacturers, you go through the training and get all that stuff taken care of but after that, they come in, they have an in-house supervisor that watches over them, and we don’t have to worry about managing them because Goodwill handles that.”

King said he is also happy with the overall service that Goodwill Industrial Services has provided for Performance Plastics. “Pricing’s good,” he said, “quality is also good.” As far as the company’s relationship with Goodwill, King said, “I think it’s turned out very well. I’m happy with it.”