Packaging Service in Cincinnati

Packaging, Assembly, Kitting & Fulfillment ServicesLooking for a packaging company in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Southeast Indiana? Ohio Valley Goodwill does that!

Goodwill provides business owners with benefits that no other packaging company in Cincinnati can boast. Our teams are more dedicated, pay greater attention to detail and benefit directly from almost a century of experience that Goodwill brings to every task.

Most everyone is already familiar with Goodwill’s community-oriented approach to the retail shopping world, but every day more business owners are learning that they can benefit from Goodwill’s innovative approach to packaging, assembly and kitting and fulfillment.

Visit our testimonials page to see a small sample of the value Goodwill is adding to local businesses.

What is Goodwill’s secret to providing the best packaging service in the region? We are happy to tell you because, unlike for-profit packaging companies, forming successful partnerships is our only bottom line. All contracted packaging Goodwill undertakes is done by hand. This decreases lead times and allows our packaging teams to respond immediately to changing business needs. Ohio Valley Goodwill is the only packaging business in Cincinnati that can provide such tailored service at an industrial scale, and it is only possible because we aren’t really a business at all. We are a non-profit. Our long-standing mandate to provide meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities gives us a unique competitive advantage. That is, our team members actually want to work. We provide more than income to the men and women we serve. We provide validation, the chance to contribute to the community and the self-esteem that can only be gained from a “job well done.”

This level of worker commitment is impossible to buy, but firms that partner with Goodwill Industrial Services have the opportunity to share in our mission and the economic advantages it provides.

Outsourcing your packaging needs through Ohio Valley Goodwill provides value to your operations, by lowering labor costs, increasing  production, accelerating operations, improving turnaround, storing inventory, and ensuring deliveries are made on-time and under budget.

To learn more about our packaging solutions, contact one of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s B2B professionals in the Industrial Services division.