New Packaging Designs Are Wowing Consumers

Like most sectors, the packaging industry is quick to spot an emerging trend. If something is hot and generating buzz, you can be sure creative minds are hard at work trying to incorporate the latest look into the boxes, parcels, and packages that show up in your favorite store. oreo-colorfilled-four-packs-IIHIH

For example, two years ago, who would have envisioned the most recent adult coloring trend? Far from letting their children have all the fun, grown-ups now love their coloring books, and manufacturers have taken notice. Enter customizable packaging options from a brand like Oreo. Oreo allowed consumers to color their Oreo bags via a special web screen—a sort of paint-by-numbers in a virtual world. After that, the colorful designs were placed on cookie bags and shipped to the artist/cookie lover. Now that’s a tasty interactive experience. Is it ironic that a brand built on black and white has latched onto such a colorful idea? Maybe. But delicious cookies will trump irony each and every time.

Keeping with the sweets, Marshmallowist is producing some beautifully designed containers that combine bright, vibrant colors with a peekaboo glimpse of the dessert inside. This is a great packaging innovation: equal parts cheery and enticing.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we keep track of packaging trends like these – not just with what goes onto the box, but what goes into the box to keep that product safe.

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