Modern Fulfillment Services: Zappos

Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn came up with the idea for Zappos – an online shoe retailer – in 1999 after a frustrating attempt at fulfilling his own need for shoes. As he wandered from shoe store to shoe store in the mall, he couldn’t find the exact size, color, and style of shoe he wanted. He went home defeated but determined to figure out a better way to sell shoes.

It turns out that fulfilling all those shoe orders is actually a vast undertaking. Over the years, Zappos has gotten it down to a science, though. Today, their partnership with online giant Amazon has made it possible for them to store, ship, and fulfill orders even faster.

The Zappos Kentucky Warehouse is about 825,000 square feet. Employees process about 40,000 orders per shift. All those orders are organized in this vast space by the largest carousel system in the United States, which can hold about 1.5 million items. See it all at work in this video:

While your fulfillment requirements may not need the largest carousel system in the United States, you still need a partner who knows the business of fulfillment. That’s where we at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries come in. We’re here to help you fulfill your customer’s every request. So get a quote today!