Modern Fulfillment Services: World’s Largest Cargo Plane

Last week in our series on modern fulfillment services, we gave you an overview of the epic CSCL Globe, the world’s largest cargo ship. Today we move from the sea to the sky and explore the development of the world’s largest cargo plane, the Antonov-225.

The Antonov-225 is an airlift cargo plane designed by the Soviet Union and completed in 1988 as part of its Cold War space program. The plane was primarily used to airlift rocket boosters and the Buran space shuttle, just like the shuttle carrier aircraft developed in the United States (only larger!). In 1989 the Antonov-225 made an appearance at the Paris Air Show on static display, and flew for worldwide audiences during an air show in 1990.

When we say the Antonov-225 is big, we mean big. It can carry up to 550,000 pounds of cargo inside of it, and another 440,000 pounds on the upper fuselage. It’s the heaviest aircraft in the world, and is 20% longer than the famous Spruce Goose. It also holds the world record for carrying the heaviest single item payload of 418,834 pounds.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and trimming back of their space program, the Antonov-225 was converted to commercial use. It took its first commercial flight in 2002. It has since been contracted by both the Canadian and U.S. governments to fly cargo to the Middle East.

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