Modern Fulfillment Services: CSCL Globe

In today’s global economy, making and shipping a high volume of goods is necessary to compete, and fulfillment services have had to grow to keep up. That’s why the China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) commissioned the CSCL Globe in 2013, which is the largest container ship in the world. The CSCL Globe has a maximum capacity of 19,100 containers of twenty feet in length, easily out carrying its nearest rival on the seas.

This ship was the first in a class of five ships that are used to fulfill orders for the line’s popular Asia-Europe trade routes. Making a ship this big required an epic assembly yard, too. The Hyundai Heavy Industries Company was happy to help, with construction beginning in January of 2014 at their Ulsan, South Korea shipyard. The CSCL Globe officially entered service in November of 2014. Not a bad turnaround for a massive ship!

But just how massive is it? The CSCL Globe is 1,312 ft long and weighs 184,605 tons. Even with it packed to the gills, though, the whole thing can run efficiently with just 31 crew members.

Check out this ship in action on a voyage in early 2015:

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