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Small Business Growth Tip: Master the User Review

It’s a fact: product user reviews influence
buying decisions. While face-to-face, personal recommendations are typically
the most compelling type of “advertising,” today’s consumers highly trust
online user reviews, too. A recent survey found that 85% of consumers rely on user
reviews as much as a one-on-one recommendation.

It might surprise business leaders to learn
that it’s not younger buyers driving this trend.  A 2019 survey found 93% of consumers aged 35-54 always read online reviews before
buying! For many small businesses, that’s a prime customer target group.

Let’s take a look at a few key factors that can
make a difference in the reviews your company receives.

Product quality

Sometimes, in a rush to be first to market or
stay ahead of the competition, product quality suffers. Consumers have been
burned by flashy social media marketing campaigns that promised big results but
didn’t deliver.

Customer support is a big factor in buyer
satisfaction. Even exceptional customer service won’t make up for sub-par
product quality. Buyers have endless choices and they will move onto a
competitor’s product – but not before they leave a negative review behind.

If any part of your product delivery process is
impacting quality, you may want to look into the expert outsourcing services of
Ohio Valley Goodwill. All of our
packaging, kitting, assembly, and fulfillment services are provided by a
highly-motivated workforce.  Our
dedicated workers pay unparalleled attention to detail, helping to expedite
your businesses’ processes and contribute to better customer satisfaction.


Thanks to the internet, the walls between
customers and companies have come down over the past ten years. Consumers today
are more involved in the product improvement process, help companies evolve
their products and services to better meet their needs.

Customers are eager to give you their thoughts
and ideas for the products they want, and they speak up via online reviews.
Leading companies recognize this two-way relationship as a boon to the bottom
line. They listen to customers, collect product feedback, and build or improve
products that people will buy and review highly.

When it’s time to respond to customer demands,
check out Ohio Valley Goodwill’s outsourcing
services. Our services can execute changes to your assembly and fulfillment
operations at any scale.


Consumers today want companies to view them as
individuals. They showcase their personas on social media every day, and they
expect businesses to react. Look for avenues of personalization in your

Particularly for your most loyal 20% of customers,
roll out the “red carpet” whenever you can to make them feel valued and
important. User reviews from these customers are the first you will want to
answer. You can show them you care with extra touches, such as free shipping,
extra samples, or discounts included with their order.

Outsourcing services from Ohio Valley Goodwill can help you
offer extras that will garner you more positive reviews. Our kitting and
packaging operations can turn on a dime to provide custom fulfillment, whether
in large batches or smaller ones.

Sharing values

Why do some brands seem to enjoy fiercer
customer loyalty than others? The answer might surprise some business owners.
According to the Harvard Business
64% of customers say shared values are their highest
reason for being loyal to a company.

One of the earliest examples of a company with
a higher purpose rooted in its mission is Patagonia. Patagonia recently
upgraded its long-term commitment to the environment to “saving our home
planet.” What mission does your company hold dear that resonates with your
customers? The more emotional connections you can create, the higher the
likelihood they will reward the relationship with positive reviews.

Small businesses that want their outsourcing
services to provide quality products and
support a worthy mission should look at Ohio Valley Goodwill.

Why Ohio Valley

You might be familiar with Ohio Valley
Goodwill’s network of donation centers and retail stores. But did you know that
we also have an entire Industrial Services Division dedicated to helping
businesses in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana grow?

It’s true! For decades, Ohio Valley Goodwill’s
Industrial Services Division has helped businesses improve efficiency while
reducing overhead costs. We specialize in kitting, assembly, fulfillment, and
packaging for businesses in any industry. There’s no job too big for our team!

But our Industrial Services Division doesn’t
just provide quality outsourcing services; the underlying purpose of the
division is to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities.
By partnering with Goodwill for outsourcing services in Cincinnati, you become
a part of our mission to change lives through the power of work!

Want to learn more about our Industrial
Services Division and how we can help your business? Contact us today! We’re happy
to provide a free quote and a tour of our facilities.