Love Your iPhone? Here’s Why Its Packaging Matters So Much to Sales

why packaging matters

Your iPhone isn’t packaged like this!

Apple is known for being a stickler to details at every level, and that detail extends to the way all of its products are packaged. But what’s so important about packaging, anyway?

It’s said that Apple tested hundreds of prototype boxes for their early iPod products. Design of the product’s packaging played a vital role in the company’s overall branding and marketing strategy. This attention to detail was spearheaded by the late Steve Jobs, who was often said to be even more interested in the design of a product and its packaging than the technology that powered it.

Why this attention to detail? Because humans love beautiful, well-designed things. Consider the number of companies that built products that could do great things, but that were ugly and frustrating to actually use. What differentiates one type of broom or dustpan from another? For some, price is very important. But creating aesthetically pleasing, well-designed and easier-to-use brooms and dustpans can set you apart, too. Apple also discovered that they could charge a higher price for a well packaged, well-designed product than a clunky one that came in a plain cardboard box.

Apple was not the first company to come onto the market with an MP3 player. But they designed the most usable and attractive MP3 player on the market – and they created packaging for it that made the unboxing of the product an event in itself. There are now countless “unboxing” videos online of popular technology products which are watched by millions of viewers. This is the power of great packaging.  The packaging helps generate excitement and anticipation for the product.

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