Local Outsourcing: Why the Cincinnati VA Medical Center Partners with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services Division

The Cincinnati VA Medical Center was formed to honor our veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their overall health and well-being. The Cincinnati VAMC serves 17 counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, providing services that are patient-centered and evidence-based, emphasizing prevention and well-being for America’s veterans.

Five years ago, The Cincinnati VAMC’s Green Environmental Management Systems (GEMS) program called for a recycling program to encompass all their facilities, including their six Community-Based Outpatient Clinics and four other off-campus sites. Co-mingled materials such as plastic, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard needed to be collected and recycled at these locations.

The Cincinnati VAMC’s GEMS coordinator, Ron Sollberger, is responsible for implementing and facilitating the GEMS program to implement the recycling program at all their facilities. He reached out to various establishments in the greater Cincinnati area to find a company able to collect certain co-mingled recycled materials from the outpatient clinics and off-campus sites each month.

In searching for a company to partner with, Sollberger ultimately chose to outsource the recycling services to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division. The Industrial Services division provides services ranging from assembly, kitting, packaging, fulfillment, facilities management and janitorial services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

This partnership allowed the Cincinnati VAMC to effectively complete their recycling program, eliminating unnecessary waste from landfills and promoting an environmentally-friendly workplace. Goodwill Industrial Services provides the Cincinnati VAMC with co-mingled waste services monthly at the six outpatient clinics and four off-campus locations.

Looking back on the efficiency and success of this five-year partnership, the Cincinnati VAMC plans to continue partnering with Goodwill Industries in the future to complete its recycling services.

DISCLAIMER: The above statement does not constitute an endorsement. The information stated above is the author’s opinion and is not necessarily the views of the Cincinnati VA Medical Center or the Department of Veterans Affairs.