Let Our Outsourcing Service Help You Grow

The weather is improving in Cincinnati. That means the Spring, the season of growth and rebirth is nearly upon us. Just like the green leaves and early Spring flowers, your business should also be taking every opportunity to grow. Outsourced kitting, assembly, packaging and fulfillment services from Ohio Valley Goodwill can help your vision of growth bear fruit.

Our outsourcing team has helped some of Cincinnati’s most iconic businesses become some of the world’s most celebrated brands. How do we do it? It helps that all of our employees love their jobs. When you outsource in Cincinnati through Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services, you help us provide work for individuals with disabilities. These jobs mean a lot to the men and women we serve. Work may seem tedious sometimes, but it also allows people to validate themselves, contribute to their communities and come into their own as citizens engaging fully in their city.


Our #1 goal is providing a large number of great jobs to the men and women we serve, and that mission benefits our clients directly. First, all of our work is done by hand. That means less downtime if errors are detected in a product and the ability to quickly make changes to your packaging, fulfillment, kitting and packaging operation. It also means we can offer our services at a great value pricepoint. We aren’t out to nickel and dime the businesses for whom we work. Goodwill is a nonprofit and our bottom line is providing employment opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out more about partnership and outsourcing opportunities, contact our Industrial Services team today.