Kitting Service’s Classic Kits: ITC Cam-A-Matic Thor Missile Base

As Cincinnati’s premier kitting service, the Goodwill B2B team feel it is our responsibility to share our passion for kitting with the world. To that end, we are counting down the most impressive kits of the past and present. Today we are looking at the ITC Cam-A-Matic Thor Missile Base.

It should come as no surprise that an American toy-maker, Ideal Toy Company (ITC), was producing complex toy models of missile bases for the children of the 60s. What is surprising, however, is the complex engineering that went into ITC’s line of advanced Cam-A-Matic models. The Thor Missile base will actually automatically transport its toy payload to a launch platform and fire it into the sky. That is a pretty impressive toy for a kid to build themselves. Even more impressive is the price this model kit fetches today.

The model was originally sold for under $10, but now fetches up to $2,000 at auction. That’s not bad at all!In fact, the ITC Thor Missile Base is considered one of the rarest of all model kits. There are definitely some kitting fans here that would love to play with such an epic piece of toy history. Of course, we don’t have much time to play, since the B2B team is busy providing valuable kitting services to some of Cincinnati’s most recognizable brands. Contact us today to see how we can put our passion to work for your business.