Kitting Services’ Classic Kits: Geodesic Homes

If you thought kitting was just for toys and tech, you’re in for a surprise. In this installment of our Classic Kits series, we take kitting to the next level: kitting for geodesic homes and other structures.

We all know the classic geodesic shape – the series of interlocking polygons arranged into a sphere. It turns out that this shape makes it fairly easy to create home kits featuring the geodesic dome. In the 1960’s and 1970s, the geodesic dome was an affordable and delightfully unconventional way for young people to buy homes. Though instructions on how to build a geodesic dome were easy to find, materials used in their construction were often inconsistent. This led to issues with leaking and stability.

Enter the magic of kitting. By creating geodesic dome kits, manufacturers could provide standard fabricated parts of wood, concrete, and steel for home construction. This made construction easier and safer than relying on oftentimes inexperienced home builders to mix and match their own materials.

These days, geodesic dome kits can be used to create just about any structure, and are no longer the exclusive domain of those in search of housing options. In fact, more kits today are sold for constructing sheds and greenhouses than homes.

Watch this geodesic dome kit assembled in just 28 minutes:

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