Kitting Service Classic Kits: Tinkertoys

Why are kits so popular? Be51pyEulvXzL._SY355_cause they make it cheaper and easier for people to put together complicated structures, from UAVs to houses. While you can only put together one thing from most kits, there are exceptions, like Tinkertoys, that are powered by imagination as opposed to instruction books. Tinkertoys can be made into everything from robots to model Ferris wheels.

Tinkertoys have been around since 1914, and were created by Charles H. Pajeau, Robert Petit and Gordon Tinker. It was Pajeau who came up with the initial design for the toy kit. While watching children playing with empty spools of thread, sticks, and pencils, he realized there could be a strong market for kitted toy sets that provided standard building pieces like these in a convenient package.

The original Tinkertoy sets were called the “Thousand Wonder Builder” and sold for just 60 cents. Pajeau’s hunch was right – the toy kits ended up being a hit, and over 2.5 million sets had sold by 1918.

Who puts together and packages kits like Tinkertoys? It’s probably a kitting service like that provided by Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. We’ve been providing kitting, assembly, and packaging services for companies link Xomox Corporation, Ashley Ward, Armor USA, Inc, and Performance Plastics for decades. These sorts of services make it possible to package and deliver the kits you love.

In fact, the unique tube package design for Tinkertoys was designed to lower shipping costs – an important consideration for any kit builder, and an option that a kitting and packaging service like ours could definitely recommend. If there’s a kit like this that you’re looking to put together and ship, you know who to call.