Kitting Service Classic Kits: The Return of the Housing Kit

Creating kits allows manufacturers to create more cost-efficient solutions for customers who don’t mind taking on the labor of putting all the pieces together. We’ve explored a few different types of housing kits in our Kitting Service Classic Kits series, but if a geodesic dome isn’t for you, there’s also more traditional kitted housing options.

Shelter-Kits and Zip Kit Homes are just two manufacturers who produce kitted houses, including pre-fabricated models that can be added onto using kitted modular units. How are these amazing kits created and delivered at affordable prices?

Sample shelter kit from

Sample shelter kit from

Each house is designed specifically for first-time homebuilders with no prior building experience. Though most kits come pre-made, kits can also be created on the ideas and requirements of those who want to assemble the final product. Many manufacturers will allow homebuilders to choose from a variety of options, such as windows, doors, stairs, lofts, insulation types, and more. These can increase the price of the kit, but still end up being far more affordable than having a structure of this type built onsite using third parties.

Many kit buildings come precut so that builders can assemble them quickly without error. This saves builders a lot of time and labor, eliminating the need for endless measurements and costs due to cutting errors. The kitting process is also easier than onsite building on the manufacturer’s side, too.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we’ve put together kits for organizations large and small, and seen first hand how kitting can save costs for manufacturers. When companies choose us for kitting services, they can also rest easy knowing that they are supporting our mission to give fulfilling work and opportunities to people with disabilities in our communities. When you’re ready to put our motivated employees to work on your kitting process, be sure to call on us!