Kitting Service Classic Kits: Mega Mini Kits

If you’re shopping for stocking stuffers this year at your local chain bookstore, you’ve probably seen the mega mini kits, which kit up everything from the leg lamp from A Christmas Story to instructions on how to build your own snowman. But who came up with and manufactures all these mini kits?

Mega mini kits are created and distributed by a book publisher, Running Press. It might seem odd that a book publisher makes them, but consider the fact that most mini kits come with booklets or small abridged storybooks to complement the goodies inside. This is also why one generally sees them in the checkout line at the bookstore. They’re meant to be impulse buys, gag gifts, and last-minute holiday stocking stuffers for those stuck browsing while waiting for an available cashier.

Running Press has offices in Philadelphia and New York City, and was co-founded by brothers Stuart and Lawrence Teacher. It’s been offering books and book-related kits since 1972. Their quirky kits are created in-house, often from abridged bestsellers and in partnership with licensed properties.

Here’s the unboxing of a Batman signal mini kit from Running Press:

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