Kitting Service Classic Kits: Artificial Christmas Tree

The holidays are upon us, and for those observing the Christmas holiday, the Christmas tree has become a joyful herald of the season. But all that cutting and hauling and wrapping and cleanup can be inconvenient year-after-year. That’s where the makers of the artificial Christmas tree kit come in.

Artificial Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, from just a few inches in height for the most cramped spaces to the massive $11 million artificial tree put up at the Emirates Palace Hotel in 2010. Lest you think that the artificial Christmas tree is a modern invention, the first was actually developed in Germany during the 19th century using a Japanese technique that involved using wire and goose feathers dyed green. Why Germany? Concerns over deforestation in that country made the trees much sought after from the 1880s and into the early 20th century. In the American colonies, there were other types of tree alternatives too, including wooden, tree-shaped pyramids that were used as early as 1747.

In the 1950s, aluminum trees became popular for a while as well. But today, most artificial trees are made of PVC plastic. Pre-lit trees and scented trees hit the market in the late 1990’s, and today artificial tree kits look and smell more realistic than ever. Most importantly, they are easy to put together and pack away. How are these artificial Christmas trees made today? We have the video for you to check out:

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