Kitting Service Classic Kits: 5 Rare LEGO Kits

As we’ve seen in our previous installments of our Classic Kits series, kits come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve even shared our top five classic kits! In today’s installment, we embrace the fun-loving, gift-giving kid in all of us and take a look at five of the rarest LEGO kits out there.

1.The Lunar Lander Kit: If you’re a fan of the Apollo missions, you’ll know about this Apollo Lunar Lander set, first released in 2003 as part of a LEGO series celebrating real space flights. As a rare kit, this one can be had from $400-$800, depending on the condition of the set.

Lunar lander

2.The Motorized Hogwarts Express: The more exclusive and popular the LEGO kit, the higher the price. The Motorized Hogwarts Express is both, and can run anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 in collecting circles. At 708 pieces that’s about $2.80 a piece! This set, when assembled, makes a complete Hogsmeade Station, locomotive, and train track for it to cruise around.


3.Wright Flyer: The Wright Brothers took their first flight in 1903, and in 2003, LEGO commemorated this historic event with the Wright Flyer kit. This 664-piece set builds a replica of their Flyer 1 model, which they used to make their first successful flight.


Wright Flyer

4.King’s Castle: Considered the centerpiece of the LEGO Royal Knights and Knights’ Kingdom sets, the King’s Castle was a must-have for children’s holiday wish lists in the mid-1990’s. This 869-piece set included seven minifigures and accessories. All this can be yours today on some collector sites for about $250.


Kings Castle









5. U.S.S. Constellation: An oldie but a goodie originally released in 1978, the U.S.S. Constellation is full to bursting with 973 pieces that, when assembled, create a stunning replica of a 19th century naval ship. Originally intended for children ages 9+, this set runs about $200-300 with all pieces intact.




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