How Kitting Partners Save Businesses Time and Money

Kitting services have been around a long time, in large part because creating kits can improve the speed of orders and help manufacturers cut costs. But how exactly do kits help them do this?WORK FLOOR

By organizing the items needed to assemble a product into ready-ship packages, manufacturers save on assembly time and related labor costs. The end user completes the assembly of the kit into the final product. Kitting is the secret behind the success of big brand stores like Ikea, which are able to flat pack furniture items that consumers then pick up and assemble themselves.

In addition to cutting time and labor costs related to full assembly, kitting also saves time on shipping and packaging when completed in bulk. Outsourcing your kit fulfillment to an organization like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries means your items can be kitted quickly and cost effectively by a motivated workforce. Because all of the items weigh the same, you can print shipping labels and order packaging in bulk up front for additional savings, too.

Depending on the manufacturing partners you choose for your individual kit pieces, it’s not always possible to have your manufacturer create and kit your final product. This is why so many businesses choose a kitting or fulfillment house to help them kit the individual pieces created by each manufacturer.

Is kitting the right option to help you cut costs and improve efficiency when packaging your next product? Contact our experts to discuss your options, tour our facilities, and receive a free quote.