Kitting that came up short. (A.K.A. Great moments in packaging fails)

Kitting is something you need to get right. When people are depending on you, it’s important to have everything in its proper place—making sure that all parts are sorted, grouped, packaged, and assembled together in perfect harmony. Our teams at Ohio Valley Goodwill are pretty talented in this area. We like to think of them as Cincinnati all-stars. That’s why the examples below made us… chuckle.
Some things are meant to be opened with the openee expecting a nice surprise. Birthday gifts. Boxes of chocolates. Fortune cookies relaying tailored life advice. We generally shy away from surprises. Delivering very expected packaging and assembling services is a specialty of ours, resulting in happy partners. But we can still appreciate a good goof-up. Or become baffled by them. Either way, the handful below are worth a look. And possibly a couple of guffaws.


Inline image 2
Not even close…
Inline image 3

Inline image 5

A well-deserved A+ for the incognito effort, Mr. Bunny…
Inline image 6
What’s with the corn cobs?
Inline image 7
Well, that was fun. If you’re having a bad day, We doubt you goofed as badly as the examples above. So good job.
As your trusted partner overseeing your kitting, packaging, or assembly operations, we make you this solemn promise: we shall not mix up your items on the scale of confusing corn cobs with watermelons. Nor shall we goof up in other epic, inexplicable ways. Here’s what we do promise: we’ll work with you to make your logistical needs run smoothly as you build your business.

Get in touch with our office to learn more about how Ohio Valley Goodwill can partner with you. We’ll take on your kitting service needs and make them run smoothly while you focus on the success of your business.