Female employee at Ohio Valley Goodwill in kitting assembly line.

What Can a Kitting and Assembly Service Do for Your Small Business?

Managing a small business is no small task. Most entrepreneurs spend years raising the money and support necessary to start a business and keep it running smoothly. If you’re a small business owner looking for ways to lessen your day-to-day load, find out how kitting and assembly service can make life easier.


Save time with kitting

The task of assembly and then shipping fully assembled products can be time-consuming for your staff. One way to save time on assembly work is by using a kitting service. A kitting service involves organizing and packing the components of a product together into a single shipment instead of assembling the product completely in-house. The product components are sent directly to the kitting service, which is responsible for unpacking, kitting, and shipping the final product.

Streamline product assembly

Many products require some assembly before being delivered to customers. Unlike a kitting service, which only packs the components of a product together, an assembly service puts the components together in a warehouse. The fully assembled products are then shipped directly to customers.

Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing kitting and assembly services to a trusted third party provider allows business owners and their staff to focus on the core aspects of running the business. With help from a large and experienced labor force, owners can spend less time worrying about meeting deadlines and more time focusing on growing their business.

Find the right kitting and assembly partner

If you’re ready to outsource kitting and assembly services for your small business, contact us at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries and request a free tour of our facilities. We have over a hundred years of business experience in kitting, assembly, and order fulfillment to help small businesses like yours.